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Just for a moment imagine what it would be like to live in a world without light, shade, shape or colour … imagine not being able to see your children growing up, or being unable to see the faces of friends or family. For many blind and visually impaired children, young people and adults, this is an every day reality.

Lizie dan la main has helped support many blind and visually impaired people since its foundation in 1981. We are proud of our long and distinguished service to people who just want to live ordinary and independent lives, despite their disability.

We currently spend much of the money delivering a range of exciting and practical services which you can read about on the pages of this website.

The Fundraising is dedicated to maintaining the services we currently deliver and also to expanding our centre to reach out to more blind and visually impaired people every year.

All of our staff have the privilege of seeing the difference donations make to people's every day lives. We want you, our supporters, to know how important your donations are to real people, young and old. Whether you are an individual, company or charitable trust, your support makes a huge difference to the people who rely on our services.

We are an NGO serving the needs of local blind and visually impaired people. We do not have the resources, or the income, of the large national charities but that only makes us work harder. There are so many ways you can help us raise much needed funds for our vital work, but however you choose to help us, thank you for your support.